How to Source Building Supplies for Construction in the Caribbean


New construction and home renovation projects in Bermuda and the Caribbean require high-quality building supplies that are designed to perform in coastal conditions. When sourcing materials for a construction project in the islands, choose a reputable vendor like Global Sales for your project. We are a building material supplier with over 38 years of experience, so we know how to make exporting easy for homeowners, professional builders, and wholesalers. Regardless of who you source your building supplies from, here is a checklist for Caribbean homeowners and builders:

1. Find a true one-stop shop for building supplies for your entire project

Look for a company that can save you time by reviewing your engineering plans, architectural renderings, and room dimensions and has the knowledge to create a complete materials list. This expertise means they can source all the materials you need for the entire construction project. And, you will save the time and energy needed to work with multiple suppliers to ensure everything arrives together and shipping is made as seamless as possible.

Make sure your supplier offers island-specific products including:

  • Lumber and steel
  • Doors and windows
  • Paint and primer
  • Tools and equipment
  • Flooring, plumbing and lighting
  • Drywall, molding and trim
  • Gabion baskets
  • Hardscapes and pavers
  • Cabinets and countertops
  • Furniture, Appliances and more

2. Work with suppliers that have local knowledge of construction methods and codes

Where you live makes a difference when it comes to choosing the right home improvement products. Construction methods and the products required can vary significantly for projects in Bermuda versus the Caribbean. Ordering windows is just one example.. On many homes in Bermuda, window installers utilize a unique construction method with windows set in subframes, which are installed directly into the masonry. This construction method is tied to the iconic Bermuda shutters that are attached directly to the subframe. Galvanized rebar is also required for all window installation projects in Bermuda. However, in many parts of the Caribbean, a flange window or an equal leg/box frame window is used.

That’s why it’s important to look for suppliers with an understanding of construction requirements for the islands. Global Sales has almost four decade of expertise and knows the correct products to order. This type of knowledge makes a difference in providing you with the right windows or any other building materials, the first time around.

3. Find a supplier who has long-term relationships with industry-leading manufacturers

Look for a building supply exporter who partners with numerous manufacturers to offer only high-quality building supplies that are crafted for the tropical climate. This high volume of business often means that the supplier can get better pricing for you, which can go a long way to keep costs down for your home improvement project budget.

4. Partner with an experienced exporter of home improvement products

Getting building products and home improvement products shipped outside of the U.S. to the Caribbean is challenging, so consider a company with many years of expertise. For example, to streamline the exporting process and ensure your entire order arrives at the same time, Global Sales coordinates shipments from top manufacturers and packs shipping containers at our own 100,000-square-foot warehouse facility.  We also know what paperwork to submit to customs, so you will not have to worry about transit delays.

5. Look for exceptional customer service

Finding positive testimonials from customers and researching if the company prioritizes customer service will help ensure that you don’t experience any unnecessary stress. Consider how long the supplier has been in business. When you exceed customer expectations, you get referred over and over and the business grows for decades. You can rely on our exporting experts to focus both on the big picture and the smaller aspects of your construction project to help keep it on schedule and budget.

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