Moulding Interview with Jeff Collins

Jeff Collins, President of Global Sales, shares his insights on Caribbean and Bermuda construction. He has helped hundreds of customers find the best building supplies and ship those products affordably and efficiently to the islands. Contact Global Sales for a no-obligation quote on mouldings, trim, millwork and more.

Q. How should a customer select the right moulding type for their project?

A. The best thing to do is give us a call to discuss your project. We’ve helped hundreds of customers and contractors find the right product for their project. Think about your design and your budget – do you want your trim and door jambs to match your flooring or doors? Are you going to paint your trim? If you are doing a historical restoration, we can replicate existing elements to help you meet local building codes.

Also, think about how you can carry the design throughout your home. Moulding has the ability to unify a home as a common element that creates continuity from room to room.

Q. What should you know about using exterior moulding in Bermuda and the Caribbean?

A.It's important to find the right product for the right situation. We work closely with several manufacturers and have used their products for years. So, we know what not only looks good from a design perspective, but what will hold up to the heat, ocean spray, rain and other conditions in Bermuda and the Caribbean.

There are great, durable, low maintenance options with so many design variations. Fypon and KLEER Trimboard have some incredible products designed for the outdoors that really perform. We want you to buy the product one time and enjoy it for years to come.

Q. What is the coolest project you've ever done with moulding?

A. Two interesting ones come to mind. On one job, we had enormous arch top windows, and we put together an arched casing package that coupled multiple moulding profiles that really turned out well.

On another project, we did beams that were part of the roof structure with a sculpted profile at the end of the beams that protruded out into the fascia on the exterior of the building. These touches and attention to detail made these buildings really stand out.

Q. How do you know how much to order? Can Global Sales help with that?

A. Absolutely. We can do plan take offs, and work with your contractor. If you are doing it yourself, we’ll walk you through what measurements are necessary. We’ll also make sure you have enough extra material to account for mitered cuts and waste. We want to make sure you have everything you need to get the job done without having to wait for another shipment.

If you are installing the moulding yourself, we can give you some great tips to getting the most out of your project.

House with Fypon Trim and Brackets
Decorative Moulding in a doorway

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