When choosing windows for a new building project, a new home build or a remodel, it’s important to consider more than just curb appeal. Your choice of windows will affect safety, security, energy efficiency, interior lighting, ventilation and more. It’s also important to install windows that are suitable for local construction methods and that will stand up to the climates in Bermuda and the Caribbean. That’s why we like PGT Custom Windows + Doors.

PGT is a leading supplier of impact-resistant, hurricane wind rated windows in vinyl and aluminum frames that are ideal for use in island climates like the Caribbean and Bermuda. In addition to safety and security features, PGT products combine affordability with a wide selection of styles and features, including noise reduction, UV filtering, and energy efficiency.

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For storm protection in Bermuda and the Caribbean, we recommend WinGuard® from PGT Custom Windows + Doors.

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EnergyVue® windows and doors provide outstanding energy efficiency, with optional features to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings.

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Black is the New Black

As a new color option in their vinyl products, PGT® Custom Windows + Doors now offers window and door frames in a classic black finish.

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