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For the past 37 years, Global Sales has helped architects, contractors and developers in Bermuda and the Caribbean find and efficiently ship the building products they need for their projects. We are familiar with the building methods employed in Bermuda and the Caribbean, so we know how to navigate the exporting waters, which products will work in your climate, and what your customers want.

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We Are Your Purchasing Department

We’ll review your plans and source the right building materials for the job. We’ll do the legwork and provide you with a detailed quote. Contact us to get started.
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One-Stop Product Selection

We offer everything you need for your building project – windows, tile, doors, kitchens, wood flooring, water systems, lumber, tools and more. Just tell us what you need and we will find an EXCELLENT solution for you!
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Create Value in Shipping

We help our customers save BIG on shipping. By knowing the rules and how to use them in your favor, we consolidate orders, configure containers for maximum savings, and coordinate all your shipments so they arrive at the same time.
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Stretch Your Budget

Because we provide you with wholesale prices, you can create expensive-looking results at low costs. Plus, for commodity items like lumber, we’ll advise on when the best time to buy is based on market fluctuation. Coupled with shipping savings, you’ll be impressed with what your budget can do.
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Kitchen Design Service

We can work with you or directly with your client to design an on-budget, beautiful kitchen. We offer all-wood, high-quality cabinets from ready-to-assemble, less expensive cabinets to high-end custom cabinetry. And, we offer everything to complete the kitchen – appliances, countertops, plumbing fixtures, hardware and more.
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Emergency Service

When you have a crew there, time is money. Not having the right part can mean having to have your crew or sub-contractor come back later – leaving your project incomplete. Your job doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt because you are missing something. We can get you the part you need and send it to you in a matter of days – not weeks.
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If you need our Emergency Services right away, please feel free to call! 813-236-9077

The Global Sales Difference

The Global Sales
Streamlined Process
Direct with Multiple
Manufacturers and/or Sources

Product Selection
      • Manufacturers and products are fully vetted and tested to perform in Bermuda and the Caribbean
      • Our expert sales and design team will steer you toward the products that will best hold up to the coastal conditions and climate
      • Local knowledge of construction methods and code. For instance, in Bermuda galvanized rebar is required. This type of knowledge makes a difference in providing you with the right product the first time
      • Need to research and establish relationships with each manufacturer/supplier
      • Not all products hold up during shipping and in island climates

        • We provide one itemized quote of the different items
          • We process one transaction
          • We accept international credit cards
          • Separate transactions
          • Not all manufacturers take international credit cards

          Customer Service
          • Commitment to outstanding customer service. Please visit our Testimonials page
          • Not all manufacturers are set up to work directly with individual companies outside of the US
          • Most do not know how to export their products to the Caribbean

          • We work with manufacturers to extend their warranties or find you another solution. We stand behind everything we sell
          • Most manufacturers VOID their warranties once their products have left US soil

          • We coordinate shipments from various manufacturers to arrive at the shipper at the same time, so you don't have to
          • Shipments could arrive at different times resulting in delays or storage fees

          • In depth knowledge of shipping and exporting to Bermuda and the Caribbean
          • Proper packaging and marking
          • Efficient use of containers or other means to cost-effectively deliver your goods
          • Incorrect paperwork
          • Items not properly packaged for export
          • Items not marked so that they can be identified as yours by the shipper
          • Short shipments
          • Inefficient use of containers

          • We follow up and track all components of your order and make sure
            expectations are met
            from both the manufacturer and the shipper
          • Follow up required with multiple manufacturers and shippers

          Kitchen Design
            • NO FEE for design or revisions

            • Includes all aspects of kitchens – not just cabinets
            • Some companies charge as much as $175 for an initial design and an additional fee for revisions