FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Product Selection

Q: I have a big project planned with several components. I’m thinking about handling it myself. What are the potential pitfalls of working directly with several manufacturers?

A: You can certainly work directly with the manufacturers. But, we would like you to consider working with us because we can help save you time, frustration and money. Here are just a few potential pitfalls or challenges you might face when working with multiple sources:

  • Need to research and establish relationships with each manufacturer/supplier
  • Separate transactions
  • Not all manufacturers take international credit cards
  • Not all products hold up during shipping and in island climates
  • Voided warranties
  • Follow up required with manufacturers and shippers
  • Incorrect paperwork
  • Items not properly packaged for export
  • Items not marked so that they can be identified as yours by the shipper
  • Short shipments
  • Inefficient use of containers
  • Shipments arrive at different times

At Global Sales, we offer in depth knowledge of shipping and exporting to Bermuda and the Caribbean. You’ll enjoy a streamlined process – your one-stop source for product knowledge and purchasing. And, we are committed to outstanding customer service.

Visit our Global Sales Difference page for more information.

Q: Can you tell me how you select which manufacturers you work with?

A: Over the past 30 years, we have developed some great partnerships with key manufacturers. We have vetted them to make sure they offer quality products that will hold up to both shipping and the island climate. When we contact them, they know what a Global Sales customer requires – from paperwork and labeling, to packaging that will stand up to the rigorous shipping conditions.

Q: Do products carry a warranty once they leave the US?

A: Most manufacturers VOID their warranties once their products have left US soil. At Global Sales, we work with most manufacturers to extend their warranties or find you another solution. We stand behind everything we sell.

Q: I only need a few items for my project. Why does it make sense to work with Global Sales?

A: We handle everything from just the kitchen sink to an entire commercial construction project. We can help you select the products that will work in your climate and work best in your design. Plus, we know how to handle the paperwork and will help you find the most cost-effective way of shipping your materials.

Q: What if I want to work with you, but need a product from a company that’s not on your list?
A: Please ask! The list includes many but not all of the manufacturers we work with. If there is something specific you need, we may be able to find it within our existing manufacturer partnerships. The reason we recommend specific manufacturers is that we have a successful track record with them. We know they understand the complexities of packaging and labeling for customs clearance. In many cases, we have worked with these manufacturers to get warranty extensions to the Caribbean and Bermuda.

Ordering and Payment

Q: What is your payment policy?

A: Most of our items are ready to ship right away, so for those items we accept payment at the time of the order. For items with longer lead times, we accept a 50% deposit with the balance due when the items are ready to ship. Alternative arrangements are sometimes available in particular situations.

Q: How do you accept payment?

A: We accept credit cards, wire transfers, U.S. dollar drafts from foreign banks, and checks drawn on U.S. banks.


Q: Can you explain what is necessary for the customs process?
A: The process for clearing customs varies from country to country, but generally you must have accurate, fully descriptive commercial invoices for each item that is being shipped. Often customers have difficulty with store receipts that bear only codes or minimal descriptions because the customs officers need to collect duty based on the exact classification of the product. It is also important to verify that the invoice specifically matches what has been shipped. Items included on an invoice submitted to customs that are not included in a shipment will result in a payment of duty on goods that you haven’t received. Omission of a shipped item from an invoice can bring even more dire consequences.

Our extensive knowledge of the customs process and attention to detail will help keep your order – and your project – on track.


Q: Are your prices competitive?
A: Our prices are very competitive with our American competitors, and are generally less expensive than local prices in the various countries where our customers reside.
Q: Do they include shipping to a US port?
A: Generally, but in cases where there are inbound freight charges we break them out onto a separate line item on our quote and invoices. Some countries do not charge duty on freight charges, and we want to make certain that we provide you with the maximum savings on your project. In cases where inbound freight is necessary, our shipping coordinator shops multiple rates to make certain that we are providing you with the most economical option.
Q: Is there a fee for getting a quote or a design proposal for my kitchen?
A: We never charge for quotes or design services. We appreciate the opportunity to show you how much we can help you on your project. Click on our Design Services to learn more.

Shipping and Consolodation

Q: How will I know what the most efficient way is to ship my materials?

A:Full container. Less than container load. FedEx. Air freight. Will everything arrive at the same time in the same container?

When you work with Global Sales, these are the details that we focus on. We are dedicated to making this very cumbersome and involved process easy for you.

We coordinate shipments from various manufacturers to arrive at the shipper at the same time, so you don’t have to. We follow up and track all components of your order and make sure expectations are met from both the manufacturer and the shipper.

Q: What are the lead times from ordering to receipt?

A: Lead times vary by product and manufacturer. This is where consolidation and timing are key. You don’t want the supplies for your project to be shipped in bits and pieces – it is simply not efficient and can be unnecessarily expensive. Part of our service is to time and coordinate your shipments so they arrive at the same time to the shipper. We deal with these issues every day, and we do everything possible to save you time and money.

Generally, items that are made for your specific order have the longest lead time. Custom made kitchen cabinets, aluminum shutters, and other items made to specific sizes and criteria fall within this category. These items can have lead times that run in the four to six week time frame. Most other items are available within anywhere from the next day to a week to ten days. We also frequently work on items needed urgently by our customers, and we have myriad of options available to assist you in those cases.

Q: Can you break down the costs for me – landed cost, customs fees, shipping etc.?

A: Ocean freight charges and duty rates vary significantly from country to country, and there are many variables as to how these rates are calculated. We have a good handle on these various rates, and can generally give you an estimate of the landed cost of your goods as well as advice regarding the best way to ship your items. Our relationships with the various shippers also allows to get you prompt written estimates of shipping rates if you desire.

Q: What if my products are damaged upon receipt?

A: Most shippers offer insurance for your ocean shipments. Ocean freight insurance is also available separately through many insurance companies. We recommend that you consider taking insurance on your shipment. Once you receive your shipment, it is important that you promptly inventory your items and inspect them for damage. If any damage is evident, a timely made claim will typically bring a satisfactory result. We can assist you with this process by directing you to the proper individuals and helping you to provide the proper information to get your claim approved.

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