Tile Design Tips

When starting a tile project in Bermuda or the Caribbean, there are some practical considerations to bear in mind, such as how well the material will ship, how appropriate is it for your application, availability of coordinating trim, and accessibility of additional material should you ever need it. Global Sales has been working with our island customers for over 35 years, and our Design Team knows how to make your tile project a complete success.

Here are some useful tips to help get you started:

Incorporate Design Continuity– The best designs flow from room to room with a common aesthetic or motif. Think about the other rooms in your home and consider how one room transitions into the other. Using the same colors and tile can unify a home and achieve a cohesive feeling.

Consider a Diagonal Layout– Tile looks beautiful in neat, horizontal rows, but you can add some drama by doing the layout on a diagonal. This mostly works in large spaces and adds elegance and visual interest. The installation will cost more and there will be more waste, but the look resulting look is beautiful. We can help you weigh the pros and cons for your space.

Keep it Simple– There are so many accents, borders, patterns and choices. Think of your tile as a clean and simple backdrop to your stage. On top of the backdrop you can layer color and visual interest with elements that are easy to update – furniture, paint, window treatments, artwork. Definitely use accent pieces in your tile, but when in doubt, leave it out.

Determine a Budget– Most tile is priced at a price per square foot. Pricing ranges from $1.00 per foot to $10+ depending on what you select. Having a starting point helps us steer you in the right direction. To meet the needs of builders, etc. To determine your budget, simply measure. Which brings us to …

Measure, Measure, Measure– Break out the tape measure and verify all measurements – floor size, walls heights, backsplashes. Blueprints aren’t always 100% accurate and can change when the job actually comes to fruition. Always measure and verify.

Remember the Bathroom Fixtures– Be sure to order coordinating tissue paper holders, corner shelves and soap dishes when you order your tile. You want to have everything ready for installation when your contractor is there.

The Nitty Gritty– We’ll help you select your grout and make sure you have enough thinset and sealers to get the job done. Our goal is for you to have EVERYTHING you need to get your project complete without delays!

Timeless Style and Trendy Looks

For thousands of years tile has been used for both practical and artistic purposes. Recognized for its beauty and ability to make a statement -- be it subtle or dramatic -- tile can set the tone for your space. Here's a quick list of what people are asking for now.

Wood Look

An alternative to wood flooring, now you can enjoy the durability of porcelain tile and achieve the look of wood. This is especially great in the Caribbean and Bermuda where the climate can warp wood. Durable in any environment and expected to be walked upon when wet, these wood-look tiles eliminate the maintenance and worry that come with natural wood flooring.

Digital printing technology and intricate textures make wood-look tile almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Large Format

Large format tile is trending in a big way. Whether it's wood-look planks or large slabs that take on the look of poured concrete, larger tile is gaining popularity for its sophisticated look and ease of maintenance over smaller tile formats with a lot of grout lines to clean.

For a clean, elegant look, large format tiles look great around a pool, and visually expand indoor spaces.

HD Printing

With chameleon-like ease, today's HD printed porcelain tile flooring can superbly mimic the look of a number of other materials. HD, or high definition, printing is a revolutionary production method that provides far greater detail in the printed image and almost eliminates the problem of the pattern repeating from tile to tile.

Utilizing HD technology, porcelain tile can now be printed with striking colors and textures that beautifully replicate the look of many natural products such as marble, natural stone, wood, brick, and even concrete.


Stainless Steel

For a fresh, contemporary look, metal tile is perfect for back splashes; it coordinate beautifully with stainless steel appliances and is easy to keep clean.

Plank Tile

This elongated tile that has the ability to create a positive optical illusion; for example, it can make a narrow room look larger by running the room’s width. It may also be used in a herringbone pattern for additional visual interest.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles and pavers are both durable and sophisticated. The unique colors and finishes of natural stone are on-point with today's trends toward creating a peaceful refuge from life's hustle and bustle.

Gray Tile

Dubbed "the new neutral," grays still tends to dominate much of today’s tile and faux-wood flooring and can be a great background for a wide range of interior design styles.

French Pattern

Also known as Versailles pattern, French pattern tile adds an old-world, authentic feel. This style is typically made up of four different sizes and shapes that work together to create the pattern.

Colors from Nature

Neutral colors and earthy materials are incorporated into interior design to provide a sense of calm and serenity. And when it comes to the flooring for your sanctuary, whatever the material, the common theme is "back to nature": natural looking materials, colors and tones found in nature, and organic textures.

Mosaic Glass

Mosaic tiles are generally smaller that two inches. Available in a huge variety of shapes, colors and finishes, versatile glass tile can infuse a space with movement and color with looks that range from antique to retro to modern.

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