Paint and Primer

Paint, Primer and More

We work with both commercial and residential customers to select the best primer and paint plus recommend the right amount to purchase for each project. We prefer BEHR Interior and Exterior Products and Kilz primer. BEHR offers a mix of over 2,000 colors all with quality ingredients and superior adhesion to create a durable, mildew resistant surface.


  • Interior paints and primers
  • Specialty paints and primers
  • Faux and decorative finishes
  • Concrete and masonry waterproofers and sealers
  • Garage floor coatings
  • Concrete floor coatings
  • Wood floor coatings
  • Cleaners, conditioners and strippers


  • Exterior paints and primers
  • Specialty paints and primers
  • Wood stains and waterproofers
  • Concrete floor coatings
  • Wood floor/deck coatings
  • Concrete/masonry/waterproofers
  • Cleaners, conditioners and strippers
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Prepare Surfaces with Kilz Primer

There are two things that make a great paint job -- the quality of the products AND the quality of the preparation. We recommend the Kilz line of primers since they are formulated to provide the ideal paint surface. Primers can help you:

  • Hide. Primers hide previous paint colors – even dark colors – and prevent them from showing through new paint.
  • Block Stains. Unlike paint, primers are specifically formulated to block common stains – water stains, ink, crayon, marker graffiti and tannin from new wood and more – and prevent them from bleeding through new paint.
  • Seal Surfaces. Porous surfaces like concrete, new wood, drywall – even flat paint – can soak up a lot of paint if not properly sealed. Start your paint job with a coat of primer to seal the surface and your paint job will have a more even color and sheen. And, you’ll use less paint.
  • Better Adhere. Ordinary paint won’t stick to slick glossy surfaces. Primers are formulated to grip to hard-to-stick-to surfaces such as glossy paints and finishes, aluminum and vinyl siding and PVC and provide the ideal surface for paint to adhere.
  • Add Durability. Extensive testing and “real world” exposure have proven that one coat of primer and one coat of paint will look better and last longer than two coats of paint. Priming also prevents common paint problems such as premature cracking, peeling and blistering.

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