Concrete Equipment

Global Sales supplies concrete forming products, concrete supplies, chemicals, accessories and equipment. We work directly with industry-leading concrete manufacturers to save you time and money.

steel rebar to reinforce concrete at house construction site

Dayton Superior logo

Dayton Superior has been in business for over 100 years and is the largest North American manufacturer of concrete accessories, chemicals, and forming products for the construction industry. Global Sales supplies Dayton Superior because they are strong and proven products. For more information on two of our most popular Dayton lines, see the Concrete Bar Support and Shake-On Concrete Floor Hardener brochures below.

Dayton Stainless Snap Tie
Dayton Superior EZ Set Chair

Hilti Logo
Hilti Has a Variety of Fasteners Including Injectable Adhesive Anchors, Anchor Rods and Elements

Global Sales offers many types of fasteners for use with concrete and masonry including Hilti. There is a wide range of carbon, stainless steel and chemical anchor fasteners including injectable mortars for rebar applications.

Hilti Variety of Concrete Fastener Elements
Hilti Injectible Anchors at Global Sales
We Also Supply Toro and Multiquip Concrete Equipment 

Global Sales works directly with Toro and Multiquip to offer a versatile line of concrete mixers with heavy-duty frames for durability and exclusive features that improve productivity and enhance operator control. We partner with both manufacturers to provide a variety of  equipment and parts for every job on the construction site.

Toro Concrete Equipment
multiquip tools and concrete equipment logo

MDO Concrete Forming Panels

The most demanding concrete projects require the most durable forming panels. MDO makes a wide variety of tough overlay panels. Each one designed to create a specific, predictable, high quality concrete finish, again and again.

Count On Us For Exporting Excellence

Global Sales takes a comprehensive approach to your building project by anticipating your needs and providing a one-stop shop solution. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of shipping requirements, freight consolidation, and exporting, we streamline the ordering process and offer tips to keep your project on budget. We will simplify your project with our:

  • Extensive Product Selection – We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to offer thousands of high-quality products without the need for multiple suppliers.
  • Convenient Scheduling – We coordinate manufacturer shipments and manage logistics from our own warehouse so everything arrives at the same time.
  • Consolidated Shipping - We pack cargo containers on-site to maximize space so you save on shipping costs.
  • Customs Knowledge – We know how items must be packaged and what paperwork is required so your order is accepted and delivered.

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