Scaffolding and Lifts

Global Sales offers a full range of scaffolding and lifts for jobs requiring aerial work platforms.


Sectional Scaffold

We offer a complete line of step, ladder, and walk-through style frames to provide access and working platforms for all your commercial and industrial needs.

Utility Scaffold

Rolling utility scaffolds for indoor or outdoor use are capable of traveling through standard doors, are height adjustable, and are available with optional guard railing.


Shoring posts (also called "jacks") support formply from underneath when a form is being poured. Shoring posts are available with capacities ranging from 3,606 to 8,350 pounds.


We trust BilJax for high-quality scaffold products.


Ideal for tall building applications, lifts are an alternative to purchasing many sets of scaffolding. We can help you weigh the options and develop the best solution for your project.

Scissor Lifts
Large platforms ranging from 25 ft to 59 ft working height, Haulotte scissor lifts (shown far right) are useful for many different applications: construction and public utilities, cleaning and events. Compact for easy access to narrow spaces, these lifts can be equipped with Rough Terrain diesel for outside applications or silent electric for interior use. Their platform capacity ranges from 507 lb to 1,544 lb.

Trailer-Mounted Boom Lifts
The multiple possibilities for use at heights of between 43 ft and 61 ft, both indoors and outdoors, make trailer-mounted booms the most popular type of platform with skilled tradesmen and local communities. Compact and lightweight, these lifts can easily be towed to most any site. Hydraulic outriggers correct uneven ground levels with an industry leading 12.5% leveling capability. Trailer-mounted booms are available in both articulated and telescopic models.

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