Adding floor and wall tile is a fantastic way to enhance the style, durability, and versatility of your home. Over the past ten years, the variety of tile options has expanded greatly. Now, there are many designs, textures, and finishes to choose from, suitable for every area of your home, including the kitchen, bathroom, and even outdoor spaces. We offer tile lines for every budget and style. You can view samples and select from a full range of finishes, textures, and patterns at our Tampa Showroom or via a Zoom or Skype session with a Global Sales Design Team Expert. Some of the great lines of tile we feature include:

We recommend porcelain tile from Florida Tile not only for its beauty and style, but for its durability. Florida Tile’s high-definition porcelain production method delivers incredible printing detail so your tile has a more natural-looking wood, marble or stone finish but with a porcelain price. The innovative printing process almost eliminates the problem of the pattern repeating from tile to tile. And, Florida Tile offers a wide selection of color and texture options along with coordinated trim packages.

Discover DalTile’s exceptional product line, featuring a diverse range of ceramic and porcelain tiles, including retro subway and modern wood-look styles. Explore our extensive countertop collection, from natural stone to durable ONE Quartz and award-winning Panoramic Porcelain. Enhance your space with stylish backsplashes, natural stone selections, eye-catching mosaics, and robust Xteriors™ for all-weather durability. | |

We partner with Emser Tile to bring you high-end designer looks. Emser is an industry leader in design, with styles that include contemporary, traditional, rustic or something edgy and unique. They offer a stunning selection of shapes, patterns and finishes in unique combinations of materials and colors. Emser has a variety of finishes including wood, metallics, concrete and an assortment of materials including glazed ceramics, porcelains, and natural stone.

Shown below, Enhance by Emser Tile features Triveni TM a unique collection of shapes, sizes, patterns and colors. These exquisite 3-dimensional ceramic tiles bring the essence of a Mediterranean paradise to any space, evoking the warmth of sun- soaked landscapes and the beauty of flourishing botanicals. Discover Triveni today!

Explore MSI’s remarkable product line, featuring a vast array of ceramic and porcelain tiles, including classic and modern styles. Our collection includes the Everlife Waterproof Flooring Collection, known for its durability and elegance, and the luxurious Stile Porcelain Slabs, celebrated for their beauty, lightweight design, and low maintenance. Enhance your home with MSI’s stylish backsplashes, stunning natural stone selections, and eye-catching mosaics.

Discover the timeless beauty of Natural Elegance’s porcelain tiles, designed to emulate wood and perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces, including pools. Our versatile collection offers a variety of looks, from concrete and granite to marble, stone, and wood, providing stylish and durable solutions for any environment.

Tile for Every Room in Your Caribbean Home

Whether you’re looking to add old-world charm, sleek sophistication or the latest trends, the Global Sales Design Team can help you select the perfect tile for your island home in the Caribbean or Bermuda.  We also guide you through the measuring process to ensure we order the right amount of tile, help you pick the grout and discuss the setting materials and other installation supplies.


Natural stone can be beautiful, but we often recommend porcelain for so many reasons. Here are a few:

  • Consistency – With porcelain you can enjoy the look of natural stone without the inconsistencies inherent in natural stone. We can direct you to styles that have variation in the design to achieve a natural stone look while getting the big porcelain benefits.
  • So many options! – Matching trim pieces, decorative pieces, square, rectangular, large, small- are available to coordinate with the style you choose.
  • Low maintenance – Porcelain doesn’t need to be sealed, and is easier to maintain and clean. Plus it isn’t porous, so you don’t have to worry about staining.
  • Strong and durable – The firing process creates a tough product that withstands wear and tear and the elements. Porcelain is denser than ceramic tile.
  • Minimal visibility of chips- Porcelain typically isn’t glazed, and has solid color throughout.
  • It’s OK for outdoor use.
  • Porcelain is also good for high-moisture applications, such as showers, bathtubs, and pools.
  • Installation is easier and less expensive than stone.

Natural Stone

Granite, travertine, marble, limestone – timeless elegance and beauty. Sure, it is more “work” than porcelain and varies from stone to stone (even within the same “lot”), but it is so lovely. It’s a great choice for outdoor living areas and walkways. We can help you find the right stone for your project and make sure you have the proper sealers and information on how to take care of your natural stone.


Glass can infuse a space with movement and color. From a beautiful kitchen backsplash to eye-catching retro looks in the bathroom, glass tiles are available in beautiful colors and textures.

Stainless Steel

For a fresh, contemporary look, stainless steel metal tiles are perfect for back splashes. They coordinate beautifully with stainless steel appliances and are easy to keep clean.

Tile Lingo

If you’re new to tile, sorting through the terminology can be a challenge. Here are some common terms to help guide your decision making:

Apron- Trim or facing on the side or in front of a countertop.

Bull Nose Edge- An edging option for porcelain, ceramic or natural stone that provides a finished edge to an installation. Edging can be rounded or have a 45 degree angle.

Chiseled Edge- A process of mechanically chipping the tile edge, thus giving the stone a rustic, aged appearance.

Coefficient of Friction (COF)- Represents a tile’s natural resistance to slip, measured by the force required to move an object across the tile divided by its weight. The range is from 0 to 1. Lower numbers indicate less friction, which means the floor will be more slippery. Higher numbers mean more friction so the floor will provide greater traction. A COF greater than .50 is recommended for standard residential application. When selecting your tile, consider how often the tile will be wet and potentially sippery.

Craze- The random pattern of fine lines or cracks on the surface of a crackle-glazed tile.

Grout- Grout is a type of cement that is used to fill the space and provide support in tile joints. Pigment is added to the cement at the job site when the grout is mixed.

HardieBacker– A cement board made for wet areas that is attached to floors or walls in preparation for tiling.

Listello/Liners- An accent tile, typically rectangular in format, generally used as a linear design element, primarily for walls

Medallion- A symmetrical ornamental block of tile used as a focal point in walls and floors.

Mosaics- Tile size 2”x2” and smaller, often used with different colors to create a pattern or decorative inset. Some of these smaller tiles also come in different shapes, such as hexagon.

Subway Tile- A rectangular and flat tile, set with a narrow grout joint; often comes in sizes with a 1:2 ratio (3×6, 4×8)

Thinset– A thin layer of mortar used to adhere tile directly onto a backer board.

Through Body- Unglazed tiles that are a solid color all the way through and do not have a top layer of glaze.

Tumbled Finish– Tiles are literally tumbled, with abrasives, to produce a distressed or weathered look.

Ready for New Flooring? We Make It Easy.

Our Design Team is ready to help you select and order new flooring. Here’s what you can expect with our easy 3-Step Process:

Step 1: Tell Us About Your Project

  • Describe the space or rooms for your flooring project? What are the room dimensions?
  • What type of tile you are considering (porcelain or stone, large or small, floor or wall)?
  • What is your budget? What is your time frame?
  • Do you have photos or style preferences that you like?
  • Are you interested in accent pieces or borders?
  • Will you be replacing molding? How about door trims or base boards?

Step 2: Your Flooring Recommendations and Quotation Are Ready

Using your measurements and wish list, we recommend your tile flooring options. We can set up a call, zoom or email the specifics and provide a detailed quote as well as answer any questions you have. Our design team will continue to work you to make sure you love the materials and finishes. And, while online shopping is quick and convenient, we know that sometimes it helps to see samples in person. We’re happy to provide samples to you. The sample fees can be subtracted from the cost of your flooring when you place your order.

Step 3: Finalize Your Design And Place Orders

Our Design Experts work with you to make sure your final design, materials and finishes come together. Before placing your order, we will also ask if there is anything else you need for your home. Many customers take advantage of our efficient shipping and consolidation services and bundle additional products with their order. So if you have been meaning to replace that warped door or change the light fixtures, consider adding it to your order to save on shipping. Once we have your approval , the order is placed. Typically, a 50% deposit is due when ordering. For shorter time frames, full payment may be due. The full balance is due prior to shipping.