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The Building Supply Company That Makes Home Remodeling Easy in the British Virgin Islands

Luxury kitchen with the focus on a large kitchen island with ivory-colored cabinets and draws and matching countertop, large windows and sliding glass door looking out on a swimming poolLiving in the British Virgin Islands is mostly a dream come true, but there are two flies in the ointment: the threat of hurricanes and the logistical difficulties of getting supplies that mainland residents take for granted. Fortunately, Global Sales offers time-tested solutions to meet both of those challenges. We’re a building supply company that caters to the home renovation needs of contractors and homeowners in the Caribbean, and we’ve perfected our skills through more than 40 years of experience.

What to Expect When You Team Up With Us

Whether you’re planning an exterior or interior home remodel, Global Sales can deliver the island-ready building supplies you need without all the hassles you don’t. Our highly experienced team takes pride in providing the industry’s most efficient and cost-effective services, so you can feel confident turning to our building supply company when you need:

We also offer a wealth of services you won’t get from other building supply companies. For example, we’re not only the best custom cabinet and countertop supplier serving the British Virgin Islands, but we also provide free kitchen and bathroom design services from our team of professional designers.

What’s more, Global Sales offers unrivaled expertise in navigating the red tape that often accompanies shipping to destinations like the British Virgin Islands. We can assemble and pack all the building supplies you need for your project and ship them in the most affordable way possible. We’re also quite familiar with the building codes and other regulations in the areas we serve, so you can have peace of mind that the supplies you receive from us will satisfy any local government requirements for your remodeling project.

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Contact Global Sales today to tell us about your remodeling project and discover how a long-established building supply company like us can help you have a less-stressful renovation experience.