Glass Shower Enclosures

Updating your bathroom is a great way to bring value and style to your home. For an easy and impactful update, consider a glass shower enclosure. Frameless shower enclosures can really open up a small space and make it seem larger with more depth. Plus, if you've invested in tile, the glass door lets you showcase your tile design.

Each glass enclosure is custom built for you to fit your exact size. There are also many choices of hardware to match your plumbing and light fixtures.

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New Fixtures

We recommend picking one finish color and style for your bathroom and carrying it through your plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, towel bars, and other accessories. Kohler offers a great assortment of stylish, coordinating options for everything from towel rods and lighting to medicine cabinets and cabinet knobs.

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Add a Water-saving Showerhead

Replace your old, inefficient showerhead with a more efficient showerhead like Kohler's Flipside. Not only will you enjoy saving on your water bill, but you'll improve the functionality of your shower. The Flipside offers four distinct showering sensations.

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Add Space to Your Shower

Another option for upgrading your bath area is adding a curved shower rod. Curved shower rods provide an additional six inches of elbow room when showering.

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Bathroom Mirror Upgrade

The Verdera® wall mirror from Kohler features internal LED lights that deliver optimal brightness to make daily grooming tasks even easier.

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Lighting Controls and Fans

Pass & Seymour Dimmers can cut energy use in your bathroom by 40 to 50% — with big savings in other rooms, too! Plus, you can extend the life of your light bulbs.

Do you ever come home and realize the bathroom fan is still on? With smart timers from Pass & Seymour, you can save energy in the bathroom by installing a timer outlet with lots of options for fans and lighting. These smart combinations provide great solutions.

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