A Trusted & Experienced Building Supply Company Serving the Bahamas

Are you a homeowner, contractor, or builder in the Bahamas struggling to source top-quality and unique building supplies for your construction or remodeling project? Rest easy, as Global Sales can provide a solution for your struggles. We understand the challenges you face when trying to acquire materials such as cabinets, countertops, replacement windows, doors, lumber, and more locally. Ordering from international dealers can be costly and result in unpredictable shipping times, potentially causing delays. That’s where Global Sales, a trusted building supply company, enters the picture.

Sourcing a Wide Array of Building Materials

Global Sales can simplify your project by offering a comprehensive selection of building materials and products. Whether you’re planning a kitchen remodel and need custom cabinets and countertops or embarking on a new construction project requiring everything from flooring and roofing to lumber and tools, we are your one-stop building supply company. We even provide bathroom remodeling products like fixtures and shower enclosures. Our reach extends beyond the Bahamas, serving areas throughout the Caribbean.

Products Engineered for Tropical Locations

Our curated product range includes impact-resistant windows and doors, water-resistant building supplies, and reliable hurricane protection options, ideal for tropical locations. When you choose Global Sales as your building supply company, you gain access to top-quality materials perfectly suited to the Bahamas’ unique environmental challenges.

Offering an Efficient Process

Global Sales goes above and beyond to provide a seamless experience. We simplify the billing process with clear, itemized quotes and invoices. Our extensive experience in coordinating international shipping ensures that all paperwork is handled correctly, shipments are accurately tracked, and costs are minimized.

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