Pavers and Hardscapes

In the Caribbean and Bermuda your outdoor rooms and spaces are used as much as the interior ones. That's why creating a peaceful, serene space to enjoy is so important.

At Global Sales, we can provide a wide variety of hardscaping materials to bring your vision to life. We can help you plan and design your space, provide an estimate for how much material you will need and coordinate and consolidate your shipment efficiently to save you time and money on your shipment.

Pavers- Things to Consider

A great way to enhance your outdoor living space is with pavers. Low maintenance pavers are strong and durable, and offer endless design possibilities through a variety of colors, tones and striking patterns.

By installing pavers, you will see an immediate improvement in any outdoor space. Patios, pool decks, garden pathways, driveways, stepping stones- you are only limited by your imagination. For every application, each type of paver presents unique color, pattern and texture options.

Paver Material

At Global Sales, we offer a full range of paver options, including brick, concrete and natural stone. We can help you choose the pavers that are best suited to your project and then provide you with everything that you need to install and enjoy your new outdoor area.

Natural Stone

With natural stone pavers, you can create looks ranging from rustic charm to sophisticated elegance with a variety of colors and designs. Available in both thick and thin, we recommend either a tumbled or brushed and chiseled finish to get the best traction for wet feet.

While natural stone won't fade, it is best to seal natural stone pavers to maintain their beauty and minimize dirt and mildew.

One of the natural stones we offer, travertine, is available is a wide selection of colors and formats. A beautiful and durable natural stone created out of sedimentary stone, travertine is a solid form of calcium carbonate, produced in hot mineral springs over millions of years.

These stones are manufactured for color compatibility either as a tone on tone match or as a complementary color.

  • Available in a variety of sizes including sizes for French Pattern configurations
  • Have a high co-efficient of friction so are slip resistant, more so as they become wet
  • Withstand weathering and erosion without deteriorating
  • Pool copings for both new construction and remodels. Copings can also be used for stair nosing, curb edging, backyard and landscaping project.


The rich color and lovely patina of brick pavers add warmth, character, and elegance, and blend beautifully with most settings. Brick can be arranged in numerous classic patterns, such as herringbone, running bond, circular, and basket weave.

Available in both thick and thin, our offerings include Sunshine Pavers, Old Chicago, and many others.


Stronger than brick, versatile concrete pavers are usually the less expensive option as compared to natural stone or brick. Concrete pavers can also be easier to install since they are uniform in size and easier to cut.

We feature the Belgard brand of concrete pavers which are available in both thick and thin sizes. The many different color, shape and finish options can be utilized in a limitless array of designs.

Paver Thickness

There are two basic types of pavers- thick and thin. The way pavers are installed depends on their thickness. The thickness of paver you choose for your project depends on the specific requirements of your application.

Thin Pavers

Thin pavers, which are usually about ½", are installed similar to the way tile is set, with mortar or thinset.

Thick Pavers

Thick pavers are typically approximately 1 ¼" in thickness and are sand set. This means that a bed of sand is placed over concrete or compacted soil, and then the pavers are placed on top of that. Then, a layer of sand is spread over the top and worked down into the cracks to create a solid placement.

Hardscape Made Easy

Modular Outdoor Rooms

Pre-built Components from Belgard

These pre-built modular units are manufactured with Belgard product by Harmony Outdoor Living, Inc. They are designed to flow seamlessly with the surrounding hardscape. Each module comes with fork slots that allow them to be easily shipped and installed with skid steers, forklifts or even cranes.

This line of modular outdoor rooms includes:

  • fire pits
  • fire tables
  • grill islands
  • bars
  • wet bars with refrigerators
  • fireplaces
  • water features
  • pillars
  • wood storage

Full modular kitchens are available in several configurations with grills, refrigerators, sinks, lighting, and more.

View or download Belgard's 2020 Modular Outdoor Rooms catalog.

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Learn the basics on pavers from Jeff Collins, President of Global Sales.

Pavers and Hardscape - Always a Great Choice

No matter which type of paver you choose, you will instantly add curb appeal and value to your home. Well placed hardscaping gives visual definition to outdoor spaces while adding functionality. Long lasting, attractive, and easy to maintain, pavers are a great choice for any home.