Shiloh Cabinets

Shiloh Cabinets

Shiloh Cabinetry is a family-owned company since 1977 that features an all plywood box made from the highest quality materials and constructed using superior methods. With 60 door styles available in red oak, hickory, maple, knotty alder, cherry or themofoil and over 200 finish color options, you can create a custom look. Plus, Shiloh Cabinets are competitively priced with a lot of extras like toe kicks, finished sides and glazes at no additional charge. This is an ideal choice for fully-assembled, framed cabinets with endless options to customize and create your dream kitchen or bathroom.

White Shiloh Cabinets and Global Sales
Shiloh Cabinets and Global Sales
White Shiloh Cabinets and Global Sales
hiloh bathroom vanity white shaker at global sales
Shiloh Cabinets at Global Sales
 Vanity Cabinet by Shiloh
Construction Details
  1. Solid wood hanging rail for secure fastening to wall
  2. Solid wood corner blocks in base cabinets add strength and stability
  3. 3/4" plywood drawer box with undermount guide (solid wood dovetail drawer available)
  4. Solid wood door, no composite material (except thermafoil and some painted products)
  5. Maple laminate over plywood for a durable interior
  6. 3/4" super strong plywood adjustable shelving with solid metal shelf clips
  7. 1 1/2" solid wood frames
  8. 3/8" plywood bottoms
  9. Smooth, super-tough catalyzed conversion varnish topcoat that is resistant to most household chemicals
  10. 1/2" plywood sides with real 1/4" wood veneer finished ends for a great look and outstanding quality
cabinet construction diagram

Shiloh Cabinet Construction Video

Shiloh Door Styles Video

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Shiloh 2022 Brochure Cover

Shiloh Cabinetry: Engineered for You

Stained Wood Finishes

Door styles are available in red oak, hickory, maple, knotty alder, cherry or themofoil. Each species of wood has several options. Maple, pictured right, has over 10 wood finishes from a light frosted finish to a rich espresso finish. Shown at right natural, spice and merlot finishes.

Painted Wood

Traditional painted finishes are available in 8 base colors on wood. Shiloh will color match to any sample or Sherwin Williams paint number.

You can choose from wear, distress or sand-through as special finish techniques to be added to your favorite color.


Glazes are hand applied and available on most stain and paint colors.

Glazes are a great way to customize your cabinets. There is no additional charge for adding a glaze.

Olde World

Olde World finishes are available in 8 colors on oak, hickory, maple, knotty alder or cherry. To achieve the aged look, hand applied techniques include worm holing, edge and panel gouging, glazing, wearing, dry brush glazing, rock dents, paint crackle, water spotting and a brown undertone.


Lighter than a glaze, highlights are available in Slate Highlight and Cafe Highlight. The Highlight Glazes are available on Polar, Soft White, Eggshell, Ivory, Oyster, and Sage painted finishes.


Weathered finishes are available in 7 unique stains on oak, hickory, maple, knotty alder or cherry. The Weathered finish features a variety of special finish techniques to create a very distressed, antiqued look.


These aged-looking cabinets are available in 7 unique stains on oak, hickory, maple, knotty alder or cherry. Treatments are applied to achieve that perfectly worn, classic, vintage style.

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