For new construction or remodeling, windows are a great way to add value and beauty to your home. At Global Sales, we are experts at helping our customers in Bermuda and the Caribbean select windows that will bring them joy and security for years to come.

Here's why working with Global Sales for your windows makes sense:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Everything we sell is tested to perform in the Caribbean and Bermuda
  • Products are built to withstand the elements – wind, rain, climate, etc.
  • Long-term relationships with manufacturers
  • We have worked with the manufacturers to extend the warranties to our customers in the Caribbean and Bermuda
  • Knowledge of construction methods for Bermuda and the Caribbean so you'll get the products you need and that will work in your project

Things to Think About When You Choose Windows

Local Construction Methods

Where you live makes a difference when it comes to windows since construction methods vary from Bermuda to most parts of the Caribbean.

Bermuda Construction
Many homes in Bermuda utilize a unique construction method with windows set in subframes that are installed directly into the masonry. This construction method is mostly due to the iconic Bermuda shutters that are attached directly to the subframe. Global Sales offers vinyl subframe windows that are specifically designed for Bermuda. We can ship windows already set into the subframe, or the replacement windows alone if that is all that is needed.

  • New Subframe Needed:  If a new subframe is needed, please provide the measurement for the masonry opening. We will then order a new subframe and the window that will be installed in the subframe.

Since not everything in construction is perfectly square, it is best to measure in three places for the height and three for the width. Then simply provide the smallest measurement for the width and the height of the masonry opening.

  • Using Existing Subframe:  Many times, updating the window is all that is necessary because the subframe is in good condition or is part of a historical building and needs to be preserved. In this case, please provide the measurement for the inside of the subframe.

To make sure the window will fit properly, it is best to measure in three places for the height and three for the width. Then simply provide the smallest measurement for the width and the height of the inside of the subframe opening.

Caribbean Construction
On the other hand, in most parts of the Caribbean, a flange window or an equal leg /box frame window is used.

  • Flange: A window frame profile where the exterior leg is longer than the interior. The exterior leg overlaps the surrounding construction.
  • Equal Leg/Box Window: The inside face perimeter is identical to the outside face perimeter.

Our trained staff can help you make the right window choice for your home.


Since not everything in construction is perfectly square, it is best to measure in three places for the height and three for the width. Then simply provide the smallest measurement for the width and the height of the masonry opening.

New Construction Cost Saving

If you are building a new space, consider adjusting the size of your windows to a commodity size, so per square foot they are less expensive. Commodity means that it’s a popular standard size, so you get great pricing on them. Contact us for more information.

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For most homeowners, choosing windows can be complicated. Danny Vega, head of the windows and doors division at Global Sales, explains some of the features available in the unique lines of windows we offer.

Window Material

Both vinyl and aluminum are great choices for your windows. The windows we offer are tested to withstand the island climate and are the level of quality our customers expect from Global Sales. Which manufacturer you should use sometimes depends on your measurements and specific building needs. We can find the most cost effective solution based on your plans.


There are many benefits to vinyl windows – beauty, performance and insulation are just a few.

  • Vinyl does not conduct heat or cold easily, and the multi-chambered design of vinyl frames adds insulating value
  • Energy-efficient insulation helps reduce leaks and therefore can lower energy bills
  • Low maintenance – vinyl frames don’t peel, warp or deteriorate like wood
  • Double-pane insulated glass reduces noise transfer


Many people think that vinyl is a better option than aluminum. However, there are many benefits to aluminum windows. Here are just a few:

  • Track record of performance in coastal climates
  • Great for residential and commercial applications
  • Low maintenance choice that will fit any budget
  • Open and close easily and quietly
  • Frame can be painted to coordinate with your interior and exterior – usually white or bronze
  • Light weight and high strength
  • Larger windows are possible with aluminum because of the strength of the material
  • Protected by its own naturally occurring oxide
  • Energy-efficient aluminum frames incorporate thermal breaks that prevent heat or cold from being conducted through the frame

Types and Styles

Single Hung Window

Open and close by moving the lower panel or sash of the window. Thus, only half of the window area can be opened for ventilation. This is the most traditional-looking style of window.

Double Hung Window

Virtually the same as single hung windows except that both the upper and lower sashes can be moved. The advantage is that you can adjust the sashes so that warmer air escapes at the top of the window opening while cooler air enters from the bottom.

Horizontal Roller Window

Like a single or double hung window turned on its side. One or both of the sashes move sideways on rollers to open the window. Horizontal roller windows can be an economical choice for larger openings.

Fixed Lite Window

Do not open at all, but are designed to provide light and architectural interest where ventilation is not needed. They range from the familiar picture window style to squares, circles, octagons and a variety of other shapes, in virtually any size.

Casement Window

Open and close using a crank or lever. The casement style opens up the entire window area to the breeze, and seals very tightly against drafts and moisture. Casement windows also provide easy egress in case of emergency.
Grid Options

Grids are a beautiful way to add architectural interest to your home. Many of our customers choose to use the grids on just the front of the house to add curb appeal. For a coordinated look, consider adding patio doors with the same grids – especially around pool and deck areas.

For double paned glass, grids are placed inside – making window cleaning easier.

Colonial Grids
Traditional, elegant and simple

Brittany or Prairie Grids
Adds visual interest without blocking the view

Glass Options

The type of glass you choose for your windows and doors can be one of the most important choices you make. There are several options to help save energy consumption and make your home more comfortable.

Insulating glass can help save on air conditioning bills. It consists of two panes of glass separated by an insulating air space. The insulating value is increased if the air space is filled with an inert gas such as argon. Insulating glass also helps to reduce outside noise, and reduces condensation on the interior pane.

Safety or tempered glass shatters into small pieces without sharp edges when broken. Tempered glass is also a suitable option for any window where additional strength is required

Low-e coatings is relatively inexpensive to add and can enhance the energy efficiency of windows and doors, reduce condensation, and help screen out the harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays that fade your furniture, carpeting and paintings. These nearly invisible coatings can be applied to windows in different ways to reduce wintertime heat loss in cold climates or to reduce summertime heat gain in warm climates.

Tinted glass can be effective in reducing solar heat gain and glare inside a home and in filtering out damaging UV rays. In warmer climates where solar heat is the major cause of high energy bills, tinted glass has proven to be an economical way of lowering these costs, as well as improving interior comfort. Care must be taken in choosing the tint that’s right for you. Some tints will lower solar heat gain while still letting through bright light. Other, darker tints can provide privacy without the use of draperies or blinds.

Hurricane/ Impact Resistant Windows

Impact Resistant windows and doors help protect your home against hurricane-force winds and flying debris. Plus, they can provide year-round security against thieves and intruders, dramatically reduce outdoor noise and filter out 99% of the UV light that enters your home and causes fading.

When combined with insulating glass you have energy efficient windows that can significantly reduce cooling and heating costs.

To find out more about storm protection and impact resistant windows, click the link below to visit our Hurricane Preparedness page:

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