Electrical Supplies

From commercial to residential projects, we offer one-stop-shopping for all your electrical supply needs. We've saved our customers thousands of dollars with our competitive pricing, cost-effective shipping and attention to detail.

  • Breakers, Distribution & Load Centers
  • Dimmers & Switches
  • Electrical Boxes, Conduit & Fittings
  • Electrical Cords & Cord Management
  • Electrical Outlets & Plugs
  • Electrical Tools & Accessories
  • Wall Plates & Accessories
  • Wire & Cable
  • Audio & Video Accessories
  • Door Bells & Intercoms
  • Home Automation & Security
  • Full Line of Light Fixture
  • Generators
  • And more …

Fixtures Competitively Priced

We offer lighting from Kichler, Progressive, Sea Gull and specialty lighting companies to provide you and your clients a complete assortment of light fixtures for both indoor and outdoor use. Our pricing is very competitive. Our customers are often surprised at just how far their budget can go.

For many of our contractor clients, we help save them time by working directly with their clients to make lighting fixture decisions. We can be a seamless extension of your team. Just provide us with the lighting plan and we can help the homeowner make all their selections including utility lighting, under and over cabinet lighting, outdoor fixtures and more.

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A Keen Eye on Commodity Items

Commodity items can make or break a project. No customer likes to spend their budget on the things that happen behind the walls, but it is the perfect place to maximize your budget.

For instance, the price of copper and PVC fluctuates like the price of gold or grain. We stay on the razor's edge, keeping a careful eye on the market’s ebb and flow to help our customers choose the right time to buy.

This is especially important for our stocking customers. We’ll let them know if the price is good and they should stock up. If the price isn’t ideal, we’ll tell them to wait to purchase. We don’t want one order, we want to be your trusted partner for years to come.

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Knowledge and Service

Our knowledge of the construction practices in Bermuda and the Caribbean coupled with our excellent service and cost-efficient shipping can help you get exactly what you need for your project.

No matter how obscure your needs -- from elevator controls to marine-grade electrical wiring -- we can provide you with extremely competitive pricing and the perfect solution for your electrical or automation needs.

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Smart Shipping and Consolidation

We help our customers save BIG on shipping. By knowing the rules and how to use them in your favor, we consolidate orders, configure containers for maximum savings, and coordinate all your shipments so they arrive at the same time.

Plus, we make sure your order is COMPLETE. There is nothing worse than being on a project and realizing your missing key items. We take your project list, source it, order it and carefully coordinate it to make sure the entire order arrives WHEN YOU NEED IT!.

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Emergency Service

With electrical, missing a small part can cause a big problem. When you have a crew there, time is money. Not having the right part can mean having to have your crew or sub-contractor come back later – leaving your project incomplete.

Your job doesn’t have to come to a screeching halt because you are missing something. We can get you the part you need and send it to you in a matter of days – not weeks.

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