Eclipse Cabinets

Eclipse Cabinets

Eclipse is a cabinetry line by Shiloh, which is a family-owned company since 1977. The Eclipse line are unique, full-access frameless construction line that's inspired by European cabinetry. This full-access construction provides about 10% more interior space than framed cabinets. Eclipse is ideal if you want a sleek and modern space or a more traditional look. Eclipse has functional components, a complete offering of traditional or contemporary door styles and finishes and many customized options like drawers and artistic hand-detailed finishes.



Eclipse Cabinets at Global Sales
Eclipse Cabinets at Global Sales
Eclipse Cabinets at Global Sales
Eclipse Cabinets at Global Sales
Eclipse Bathroom Vanity Cabinets at Global Sales
Eclipse Kitchen Cabinets at Global Sales
Construction Details
  1. 3/4" thick top, bottom, and side panels
  2. 3/4" adjustable shelving
  3. 3/4" thick hanging rail
  4. PVC edge-banding, color coordinated
  5. Features a durable, easy-to-clean, natural laminate interior on stained and TFL cabinets. Acrylic and HPL cabinets feature a white interior. Painted cabinets have option of either white or natural laminate interior.
  6. Hinges are Blum CLIP top BLUMOTION 6-way adjustable with soft closing mechanism
  7. 3/4" x 4" wide stretchers for added stability and strength
  8. Standard guides are Blum TANDEM edge 7/8" extension with integrated BLUMOTION soft closing mechanism (optional Blum TANDEM full extension guides with integrated BLUMOTION soft closing mechanism)
  9. 5/8" hardwood dovetail drawer box and Simulated Metal Drawer box available at standard pricing. Stainless Steel Blum LEGRABOX and 3/4" hardwood
  10. 1/2" plywood sides with real 1/4" wood veneer finished ends for a great look and outstanding quality


Thermally Fused Laminates

Veneer Cabinets

To learn more about Eclipse Cabinetry by Shiloh , view or download this brochure.


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