About Us

At Global Sales, we specialize in the sale of building supplies to customers in Bermuda and the Caribbean. We provide a comprehensive service designed specifically to best assist our customers engaged in building in Bermuda and the Caribbean.

  • Product Selection: We offer a wide array of high quality products so that our customers don't need to go all over the place to find the items that they need.
  • Shipping and Convenient Scheduling: We coordinate shipments from various manufacturers to arrive at the shipper at the same time, so you don't have to.
  • Service and Knowledge: We know how things have to be packaged, what paperwork is required, and what the shipping deadlines are, so that your shipment will be accepted and shipped in a timely manner.

In short, YOU are our business, and we are dedicated to knowing and doing everything possible to help you succeed.

For Professionals

Global Sales can help you save time, money, and frustration on your next project. We work with architects, contractors, and developers in Bermuda and the Caribbean to find and efficiently ship the building products they need for their products.

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For Home Owners

We've worked with home owners in Bermuda and the Caribbean for over 35 years, providing the right products at competitive prices. We walk our customers through each step of the ordering process; then, we handle consolidation, shipping, and export to ensure timely delivery at the lowest cost.

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Design Services

From a completely custom kitchen with all the amenities, to a ready-to-ship kitchen perfect for builders and contractors, the Global Sales Design Team has the knowledge and product selection to deliver the goods our customers love. We offer free design services, competitive pricing, efficient consolidation and shipping, and knowledge of construction requirements in Bermuda and the Caribbean.

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Freight Consolidation

Consolidation of freight and coordinating shipments from multiple sources can be a frustrating endeavor to someone unfamiliar with the process. It can also become expensive when shippers levy storage charges or refuse to hold freight because it has not been coordinated to arrive at approximately the same time. Retail stores neither know nor care about these things. We deal with these issues every day, and we do everything possible to save you time and money.

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