Save Big on Lumber

Lumber is a part of most building projects. We can help you get the specific sizes for your project and help you save on shipping. We work with a mix of over 20 top mills and also several specialty mills to accommodate:

  • A wide range of grades - from premium to utility
  • Virtually all sizes
  • Pressure treatments and color options for exposed beams
  • Different finishes - rough, dressed and everything in between
  • Shipping coordination and consolidation
  • Variety of quantities, including broken and/or restacked bundles

J.B. Warnemunde explains how Global Sales helps with your lumber challenges.

Global Sales: Your One-Stop Shop For Lumber


The price of lumber fluctuates like the price of gold or grain. We keep a careful eye on the market to help our customers choose the right time to buy. This is especially important for our stocking customers. We don’t want one order, we want to be your trusted partner for years to come.

BEYOND 2x4x16

Walk into most home improvement stores an you’ll find 2x4x16s, but not much else. Often building plans call for something longer or thicker. Just tell us what your plans are and we will help you order the lumber and efficiently ship it.


One of our customers in the British Virgin Islands wanted pressure-treated pine without the pine characteristics for their exposed beams. The mill we work with hand picked to the grade and used a clear (not green) pressure treatment so the beams looked gorgeous.


The builders we work with in Bermuda use full dimension lumber for roofs. The heft and toughness of rough lumber is great, but the tricky thing is the lack of uniformity. So, we offer the best of both worlds – S1S1E (smooth 1 side, 1 edge). This creates enough uniformity while still getting the benefits of rough lumber.


Shipping companies can help you get your products from Point A to Point B, but they have no incentive to help you save money. The lumber mills are experts at lumber, but aren’t going to know how to help you maximize your container or consolidate your order with items from other sources.

That’s where we come in. We can help you find ways to SAVE BIG on shipping. It is part of our service and – admittedly – a fixation of ours. With a lot of knowledge and a customer-focused attitude we find creative solutions for our customers. We’ve saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars.

Southern Pine

We work with a variety of mills and have pine made rough (full thick) or dressed, pressure treated in all grades and quantities. We can also deliver non-standard sizes and lengths.


We offer all types of plywood including CDX, Formply, and Carpentry Plys (including birch, maple, mahogany and more).


Spruce has tidy grain and is soft and light, great for form work. We offer excellent pricing and availability on the various dimensions of spruce.

Lumber Alternatives

Composite lumber plastic lumber and PVC lumber are great, durable alternatives. Great for marine and outdoor environments.

Exotic Species

We can provide exotic species for every project including Spanish cedar, eastern cedar, mahogany, cypress and more.

Dock & Decking

We offer many types of dock and decking options from pressure-treated boards to exotic hardwoods including Abaco and Ipe tropical hardwoods.

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"I work with Global Sales because of the value for the money and efficiency of getting what I need. We started out small and once I found out what they could do, it hasn't stopped since."

Paul Franco, Owner
Island Home Development

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