What to Consider When Buying Entry Doors for a Tropical Climate


Whether you are building or remodeling a home in Bermuda or the Caribbean, you want attractive doors that are crafted for the tropical climate. Otherwise, high humidity and intense storms can make quick work of your investment. At Global Sales, we can help you make the best selections for your dream home renovation. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to make sourcing doors with the features that are made for the tropical climate easy for homeowners, professional builders, and wholesalers.

Best Exterior Doors Specifically for the Tropical Climate

While we all love the Caribbean sunshine, without the right kind of doors, the high heat can cause wood to split and the UV rays will cause the weather-sealing parts and metal finishes on your doors to deteriorate over time. Instead of traditional wood doors, consider Fiberglass doors which are ideal for coastal conditions.  Wood doors absorb moisture which causes them to rot and split.

Fiberglass entry doors also feature strength that resists against dents and scratches. And, these doors offer improved energy-efficiency to keep the air inside a home cool and keeping energy costs low, even on the warmest days.

Here are the benefits of fiberglass exterior doors:

The Look of Wood but With Added Longevity & Strength of Fiberglass

A fine-crafted wood door does not stand up to wind, rain, salt air, heat, and the humidity of island life. Fiberglass doors are an ideal choice to avoid the warping, shrinking, or corroding that is typical with wood. Manufacturing advancements have allowed for the designing of new doors that offer the truly authentic wood-look of traditional wood doors, but with the durability of fiberglass.

Low-E Glass Panels for Energy Efficiency

The best doors on the market for island homes feature low-emissivity glass, which is formulated to reflect heat away from your house. This technology makes it easier for your HVAC unit to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. The glass can also be tinted for even better energy efficiency.

Strength Tested for Hurricane Strength Winds

There are many fiberglass and steel exterior door options available through Global Sales that are strong enough to compete in Wind-Borne Debris regions (WBD) or High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ). These doors are laboratory-tested to meet high performance standards under the stress of extreme wind and pressure. Get peace of mind during times of severe weather activity with doors proven to stand high winds and damage caused by windblown debris.

Tough Island Doors with Exquisite Design Style

No matter the style of your island home, our team can help you customize your new exterior door to be both beautiful and strong. We offer a large selection of decorative glass, grilles, transoms and coordinating sidelight designs to tie the whole look of your door together, with less risk in the event of a tropical storm or after years salty coastal air. We also have custom doors and features available to replicate authentic architectural styles, so you can have an entry door that looks like it was part of an original, historic home design, while offering the safety and security of a brand new, modern door.

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Global Sales makes it easy to find the right fiberglass and steel-edge doors entry doors that meet coastal building requirements without compromising beauty and design.

We are experts at exporting doors that are crafted for the tropical climate. Contact us today to learn more about selecting the best doors for your home in Bermuda or the Caribbean and to learn how we make supplying these high-quality products easy.