Selecting Lighting For Your New Home or Renovation

Lighting is an integral part of our daily lives, influencing our moods, productivity, and overall well-being. It’s something worth taking time to plan out.

Selecting lighting for your upcoming project is easier than you think. Many architects include electrical plans in your drawings. They generally identify the types and quantities of fixtures that you will need for your project. If you have an electrical plan, we can do a plan “take off” for you and provide you with a clear quote for everything that you need.

If you need to select fixtures, it is still straightforward. Most room lighting is now done using recessed lights augmented in certain spots by chandeliers, close to the ceiling and other fixtures. Accent lighting, like pendants or sconces are then employed for both lighting and decorative purposes to finish out your plan. We can review your plan with you and help you to determine the appropriate quantities and types of fixtures for your home.

Know Your Options

There are three types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent.

Ambient lighting can be your central light, or multiple lights distributed. Task lighting is typically in a location where you do something focused on a daily or near daily basis. You can even include task lighting by adding lights in your cabinets. Accent lighting is all about bringing attention to key features of your home or decorations.

Dimmers are an excellent way to vary functionality overall.

Kichler makes choosing a style easy for you as well. Their style families feature different types of fixtures in coordinated styles, to help create a cohesive appearance throughout your home. Global Sales and Kichler make it easy for you to install stylish, functional lighting throughout your home.

Know Where to Get the Right Lights

We have a large selection of materials, price ranges, and styles for lighting and more. We enjoy Kichler lighting, but if you have a project that requires something not offered, more thank likely we have another option to supplement your Kichler. We also have fixtures, hinges, countertops, and everything you need for your project.

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