Build and Outlast with Fiberglass Doors

Why Fiberglass when there are so many options?

Fiberglass is fabricated with a thick-wear layer, an insulated foam core, and polyurethane frame. Pre-hung fiberglass doors come with a solid composite jamb that is weatherproof. They are also extremely competitively priced, and when you add the benefits of durability the decision is easy.

Durable is Doable

Fiberglass doors are more durable than options like wood or steel, especially in tropical climates where materials are more inclined to warp or rot from humidity and rain. Not only are they more durable, they are scratch and dent resistant.

Maintain Minimally

Maintenance is made easy through mild soap and water cleaning, not requiring frequent painting or staining.

Keep Heat Out

Fiberglass doors typically have a higher insulation rating than wood and steel doors, reducing energy loss and heat transfer in either direction. The installation is equally as important, because a well-sealed fiberglass exterior door that keeps the elements out assists even further.

Stylish Selection

The amount of options available with fiberglass door designs is astronomical. If you include panel selections, material specifics, and glass options and designs, Florida Made Doors offers over 112,000 options for painted doors. If you prefer a wood look and opt for a stained fiberglass door, there are over 100,800 possibilities. Regardless of what you have in your mind’s eye, it can be matched with a fiberglass door.

Ready to Feel Fiberglass?