Adding wood floors is a great way to bring warmth, dimension and beauty to your home. In the past ten years, the offering of wood products has really grown and improved. The choices are no longer just oak, hickory or maple. Today, you have so many exotic species and finish options. Plus, different plank widths let you really customize your look.

The technology and quality has come a long way, too, with engineered wood and finishes built to take a lot of wear.

To help you decide what material and product is best for your home, we’ve put together this quick guide.

Flooring Materials
Installation Methods
Measuring for Your Floor
Finishing Touches
Featured Product: Cala Flooring
Wood-Like Tile



Featured Product: Cala Flooring 
Many of our customers have chosen Cala Flooring for their homes because of the quality of the product, the breadth of styles available, and the value for the money.

Cala Flooring offers ½-inch engineered wood floors in 5-inch planks in regular species like maple and oak, but also in incredible, exotic wood species like African teak, jatoba, ipe and tigerwood.

The engineered wood is also a great choice for Bermuda and the Caribbean because it is more stable in a potentially humid environment. Engineered wood is less prone to cupping and warping than solid wood.

Cala flooring features a no-wax finish that requires a minimum of routine care. The resilient Treffert finish features seven coats of ultra-violet cured polyurethane enhanced with aluminum oxide crystals. This mix creates a strong, crystal clear finish that provides superior abrasion and scratch resistance. It will protect the beauty of the floor from years of traffic and wear, spills and stains.

Cala Flooring offers two collections:

Generation Collection
The Generation Collection unites the timeless beauty of hand scraped flooring with the newest manufacturing technology to create fashion flooring for years to come; featuring:½” thick engineered construction, micro-bevel with tongue and groove planks, 2.0 mm hand scraped face veneer, and random lengths.

Available species: African Cherry, African Mahogany, African Pearwood, Hickory, Jatoba, Maple, Tigerwood (pictured left)

Vogue Collection
The Vogue Collection was created with today’s fashion-conscious consumer in mind; featuring: ½” thick engineered construction, micro-bevel with tongue and groove planks, 2.0 mm face veneer, and random lengths.

Available species: African Black Walnut, Maple, African Cherry, Hickory, African Pearwood, Santos Mahogany, Jatoba, African Rosewood, Tigerwood, African Teak, Ipe, Sapelli (pictured left), and Oak

Flooring Materials 
Your first step is to select the material you want.

Engineered Wood – Many of our customers have chosen engineered wood because of its affordability, ease of installation and durability.
Engineered wood flooring combines a hardwood top layer (or wear layer) with a plywood base to create an extremely stable product even in humid climates. The planks come pre-finished, so they are beautiful and ready to install right out of the box. The samples on the right are all Cala Flooring's engineered wood.

Pre-Finished Solid Wood
– Available in many different wood species and finishes, these wood planks are the same species throughout. They come pre-finished from the factory so they are ready to install. Solid wood floors can be sanded down and finished several times since they are the same all the way through.


Installation Methods 
There are a few different ways to install your new wood floor.

Nail Down – With this option, the floor is nailed directly into a wood subfloor.

Glue Down – You can glue down most engineered wood to a properly treated concrete subfloor or wood subfloor.

Float – Floating flooring comes two ways: You can either click and lock the planks together, like with Kahrs flooring, or glue together the planks at the tongue and groove – where they fit together. The finished product "floats" over the underlayment – similar to the way a dance floor works.


Measuring Your Area 
One great thing about wood is you don’t have to order a lot of extra for “waste”. It is easy to cut and ships perfectly.

Wood is ordered by the square foot. If you’re measuring multiple spaces, divide them into rectangles (the hallway is one rectangle, main room is another rectangle). Measure each rectangle’s length and width and record the measurement in feet. Then multiply the length and the width to get the square feet of each rectangle. Just add the rectangles and you’re all set.


Finishing Touches 
Every line we offer has matching thresholds and finishing pieces to create beautiful transitions throughout your home.

Plus, we can supply base boards and shoe moulding. Many of our customers purchase pre-primed base mouldings – a great time-saving and money-saving option.

Just let us know if your space is new construction or if you are remodeling. We'll help you plan your entire floor project from choosing the proper underlayment/moisture barrier for your floor to selecting the mouldings and trim to make it complete.


Like the Look, But Want An Alternative? 

If you like the look of wood, but don't feel it would work in your space, you might want to consider tile that looks like wood.

Pictured right, Berkshire from Florida Tile is a great option for places that are prone to dampness. The planks are 6 x 24 inches and are crafted to look like real wood with a handscraped texture.

Click here for pricing information.

For more information on tile, visit our Tile Page.

Looking for something else?
We also offer wood flooring options from Versini, Armstrong, Kahrs, Forest Accents, and more. Just tell us what you're looking for and we'll put together a no obligation quote.