We have several beautiful and durable tile styles to choose from that offer coordinating wall tile, floor tile and accents. Just provide us with dimensions and we'll help you design and plan your layout. To help you see our competitive pricing and shipping costs, here is a quote on a bathroom tile project we provided for a customer in Bermuda. This layout is based on a 5' x 10' bathroom with a shower. We used Florida Tile's Renaissance tile, which is available in four color choices.

We’ve also included details on shipping, taxes and duties. We can provide you with great pricing and a free custom quote for your tile project. Contact us today!

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Renaissance Floor Tile - 18 x 18
About the tile family:  The name alone means "rebirth" and this elegant and classic portfolio will invigorate the visage of any room with the luxurious look of marble. Floor tiles are offered in a satin finished porcelain field tile.
15.58 square feet per carton. 5 cartons needed.
FTI2489518X18 BRUN

77.90 square feet
 per square foot

Renaissance 25 Piece Mosaic - 12 x 12 mesh mount sheets
FTI24895M12 BRUN
 14.00 sheets
per sheet

Renaissance Wall Tile - 10 x 13
14.44 square feet per carton. 17 cartons needed.
FTI2489510X13 BRUN

245.48 square feet
per square foot
   Renaissance Chair Rail - 2 x 10
Price is per piece
Note: Quantity includes 10% waste/damage

44.00 pieces
per piece
  Renaissance Chair Rail Stop - 2 x 1
Price is per piece
Note: Includes 1 extra in case of damage

3.00 pieces
per piece

Renaissance Listello - 1.5 x 10
Note: Quantity includes 10% waste/damage

31.00 pieces
per piece
  ProSpec Permaflex 400 thinset - 50lb bag / Grey
- Approx 75sf per bag

per bag
  ProSpec Sanded Grout - 25lb bag / #71 Warm Ivory
- Approx 150sf per bag (based on size of tile)

per bag
  ProSpec Unsanded Grout - 10lb bag / #71 Warm Ivory
- Approx 100sf per bag; use for walls, shower floor

per bag
  ProSpec B4050 Premium Mastic - 3.5 gallon pail
- Approx 175sf per 3.5 gallon pail
per pail

 Approximate Landed Cost: $2,856 (US Dollars)
 Cost Breakdown:    
    Product Cost $1,920.16
    Freight to Florida Port
    Ocean Freight $252.00
    Duty & VAT  $448.55  
    Customs Clearance Fee $100.00
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Renaissance - Brun  Renaissance - Crema  Renaissance - Grigio  Renaissance - Noce  Prices above are approximate and are based on shipping tile and materials from Florida port to Bermuda port. We can provide you with a custom quote for your tile including a shipping estimate. Plus, if you have additional building products you need, we'll consolidate your order for BIG savings on shipping. Click here to learn more about our Shipping program.

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