Landscape and Accent Lighting

  Kichler offers so many options for creating an outdoor space that looks as beautiful at night as it does during the day.

Create safe and inviting pathways with their decorative or hidden path and spread lighting – designed to integrate into the landscape architecture and shed soft, balanced lighting where it’s wanted. Or, focus illumination on trees, shrubs and exterior walls with uplighting, silhouetting, downlighting or cross lighting that enhances the home and landscape. Kichler also has a line of garden and water feature lighting, as well as an innovative line of deck, dock and hardscape lighting. Many styles incorporate low voltage and LED lighting.

We can help you create a plan for your outdoor spaces and order all the necessary components from the lighting fixtures to transformers, wiring and accessories. Download the brochure to view the complete collection or contact us today.


Outdoor Fans 
Kichler Ceiling Fans provide much more than air circulation. These fixtures can set the tone for your outdoor space and provide great overhead lighting.

With multiple sizes, decorator-inspired finishes and versatile wood tones, Kichler Ceiling Fans complement virtually any décor. And, with their complete line of accessories, you’re sure to find everything to meet your needs too. For outdoor use, we recommend selecting fans labeled as "wet".  Click here to visit Kichler's fan page on their website or download their brochures by clicking below.


Outdoor Fixtures 
When recommending anything to our customers in the Caribbean and Bermuda, we always keep in mind where and how it will be used. The island climate is amazing all year long, but the elements of wind, rain, sun and sea can be tough on many metals and plastic. We want you to purchase products that look amazing from day 1 to day 9001.

We have great options from Progress Lighting and Wave Lighting. Both offer fixtures specifically designed to be non-corrosive and extremely durable. In fact, Wave Lighting's Everstone line is made out of the same kind of composite material as hot tubs. 

Wave Lighting also has an Oceanside Approved designation on some of their products.

Check out the different lines available:

  Marlex is a non-metallic, injection molded polymer that offers long term, corrosion-resistant service at a very affordable price. This material is extremely UV stable and is an outstanding alternative to metallic fixtures of all types.

Download the product brochure
  Available in several non-corrosive, durable styles, this line features LED lighting which can continue to operate for at least 50,000 hour -- 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and 5 times longer than CFLs.

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  EnduraBrite is a combination of high density copolymer polyester and minerals. Together, these materials provide an unequaled balance of mechanical, thermal and electrical properties. EnduraBrite Lanterns provide excellent performance, especially where corrosive agents are aggressive.

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  EverStone is a proprietary compression molded, non-metallic composite material that, when formed into our designs, provides a level of beauty and non-corrosive durability that is unavailable in traditional metallic lighting fixtures. EverStone is "Non-Corrosive Lights that Last."

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For Progress Lighting's line of outdoor fixtures, we have selected some fixtures built to last. Check them out below.