Hardscape Ideas and Trends

At Global Sales, we offer a full range of hardscape and paver options, including brick, concrete, porcelain, marble, granite, travertine, and more. We can help you choose the materials that are best suited to your project and then plan and design a space you will love to live in. Based on your design, we will provide an estimate for the amount of material you will need. Finally, we will help to coordinate and consolidate your paver order to save time and money on your shipment.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living spaces with flooring to provide a seamless transition between spaces. Running the same flooring from indoors to the outside visually opens up indoor living spaces and adds a welcoming appeal to outside areas.

Beautiful travertine pavers, like the flooring in this game room and pool deck from the Natural Elegance Leonardo Collection, can be a great transitional product for customers who want to expand living areas and eliminate visual boundaries.

The lighter grays, tans, and greige colors that have been so popular in interior design are making their way to outside living areas as well. These lighter silvers, grays and neutral tones reflect heat, and work well in pool areas for a variety of looks.

Give outdoor areas a clean, contemporary look and a more spacious appearance with large format porcelain tiles. Florida Tile's line of Thicker ultra-thick porcelain pavers are available in a variety of elegantly neutral colors, in sizes up to 24" x 24" with anti-slip surfaces that are suitable for use around a pool.

To create a more cozy aesthetic, use natural stone pavers in the design. Natural stone, such as granite, travertine, and marble, combine a range of beautiful, soft, neutral tones with unique shapes and textures to add a welcoming warmth and character to outdoor spaces.

The unique beauty and drama of natural stone is found in the rich colors of travertine and marble pavers from Paramount Stoneworks. Their Van Gogh pattern is a luxurious combination of grays and golds that adds sophistication to any hardscape installation.

Affordable and easy to install, concrete block lends itself beautifully to many hardscape applications, like this attractive retaining wall made from Belgard's Castlemanor ® blocks. Because they are man-made, concrete blocks are formed to fit together and are available in a wide range of shapes and colors.

When it comes to creating your outdoor living space, there are a lot of choices in design and materials. We can help.

Global Sales offers a huge selection of hardscape materials, and Maria Talutis walks us through some of the options.

Contact the team at Global Sales with any questions you may have about your hardscape project, and we will work with you every step of the way. Email us at global@global-sales.us