In Bermuda and the Caribbean, it is so important to choose products that will hold up to the humidity, salt spray and heat. For garage doors, Raynor has a great, rust-resistant solution -- ArmorFinish. ArmorFinish enhances the durability of Raynor's Masterpiece, ShowCase and TradeMark garage doors, which all feature high-strength, rust-resistant, galvanized steel.

The four-layer laminate construction is permanently bonded to the steel for maximum protection. To maintain the door's clean, crisp appearance, a fade-resistant, UV-resistant surface overlays on t
he deep woodgrain texture embossment. ArmorFinish is available in White and Almond.


  SOLUTION: Raynor's ArmorFinish
  • Painted steel doors in coastal or corrosive environments are vulnerable to rust
  • Once paint is fractured or compromised, rusting will occur and spread easily
  • Will require regular field repainting to maintain the door's visual appeal over time
  • Cost of the door increases over time, due to painting and upkeep

  • Features a durable, laminate film that protects against harsh conditions
  • Four-layer laminate finish features a specially designed surface treatment to guard against scratches, and thus keep rust from infiltrating door 
  • Protective finish means less maintenance -- and less worries -- for the homeowner
  • No painting required to control rust, therefore saving money over the years

 Carriage House embossment

Yellow house pictured above features a Colonial embossment garage door

   Ranch embossment   Flush embossment 

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