with PGT® Custom Windows + Doors

Conserving energy is important in homes in Bermuda and the Caribbean. EnergyVue® products from PGT Custom Windows + Doors are beautiful windows and doors capable of handling high design pressure with excellent insulation that keeps energy bills low. EnergyVue® features a complete suite of customizable products. This means you don’t need to shop multiple brands and product lines to find the perfect energy-saving windows and doors for your project. 

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When choosing windows for a new building project, a new home build or a remodel, it’s important to consider more than just curb appeal. Your choice of windows will affect safety, security, energy efficiency, interior lighting, ventilation and more. It’s also important to install windows that are suitable for local construction methods and that will stand up to the climates in Bermuda and the Caribbean. That’s why we like PGT Custom Windows + Doors.

PGT products combine affordability with a wide selection of styles and features, including noise reduction, UV filtering, and energy efficiency. In addition to their offering of energy efficient features, PGT is a leading supplier of impact-resistant, hurricane wind rated windows in vinyl and aluminum frames that are ideal for use in island climates like the Caribbean and Bermuda. 

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Energy Efficiency
EnergyVue® windows and doors provide outstanding energy efficiency, with optional features to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings.

Made to Your Specifications
We customize every product to meet the unique needs of your home, with a variety of custom choices including frame colors, hardware finishes, glass tints, grid styles, and more.
Our EnergyVue® windows and doors have been tested relentlessly and meet or exceed the International Building Code for air infiltration, water resistance, deglazing, forced-entry resistance, and structural integrity.

Limited Lifetime Warranties
Lifetime warranty on EnergyVue® frames and Limited lifetime warranty on insulating glass component.

  • Feature a refined profile combined with robust construction
  • Achieve large sizes and high design pressures
  • Include insulating glass which reduces outside noise
  • Offer ENERGY STAR® qualified configurations
  • Are customizable with frame colors, hardware finishes, glass tints, grid styles, and patterns


PGT EnergyVue® product certifications, rating, and testing include:
  • Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance
  • AAMA Tested/Keystone Certified
  • Florida Product Approval
  • International Building Code
  • National Fenestration Rating Council® (NFRC)
  • Texas Department of Insurance
  • STC (Sound Transmission Class)
  • OITC (Outdoor-Indoor Transmission Class)
  • Manufactured Housing (AAMA 1701)
Each PGT EnergyVue® vinyl window and door is designed to meet or exceed the International Building Code for:
  • Air infiltration
  • Water resistance
  • Deglazing
  • Forced-entry resistance
  • Structural integrity

Black is the New Black
PGT now offers a stylish new option in their vinyl window and door products. Classic black window and door frames make a style statement, whether they are meant to blend with with the building's exterior color, or stand out as an accent. To learn more, visit our PGT Black Window and Door Frames page, or contact us for more information.

From windows and doors to skylights and hurricane shutters, the Global Sales Team can help you select the right products for your home. We offer:
  • Competitive pricing on all items for your project
  • Smart shipping and consolidation so all products can arrive at the same time for convenience and cost savings on shipping
  • Quality products selected to hold up in the Caribbean and Bermuda climate
  • Local construction knowledge

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