Make the Most of Island Living- With Great Outdoor Lighting that
Holds Up in Coastal Climates

Patio light fixture from Kichler

Beautiful outdoor lighting will add curb appeal to your home, increase the safety and  functionality of your outdoor spaces and enhance the value of your property. By following a few simple steps, you can create an outdoor haven to be enjoyed after dusk.

Start with a Plan
Wave Lighting flood lamps

Define your objectives for your outdoor lighting.  For safety purposes, good outdoor lighting eliminates trip hazards on walkways and stairs. Security lights discourage intruders. Task lighting increases the functionality of outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios and grills after daylight hours. Well-placed landscape lighting provides hospitality to visitors and highlights the beauty of your property.

Progress pathway lighting

Develop a lighting plan by sketching out a simple diagram of your outdoor space. Include any structures, fences, walls, walkways, driveway, garden areas, large trees, etc. Consider lighting for focal points, entryways, walkways, and outdoor living spaces. The best plans include a variety of lighting techniques.

Silhouette effect created by Progress
Decide what types of lighting will be required for each area- for example, you may want to brighten a pathway with low lighting, or create drama by directing light up into a tree.

A good way to determine placement is to use a flashlight after sunset to illuminate each location. Be careful not to over-light. A common mistake is to place too many fixtures in one area, creating overly bright areas, glare, or a "runway" look on pathways. Remember that with outdoor lighting, less is often more. 

Wave Lighting is Oceanside Approved

Install Fixtures that Last

Choose the right fixtures to create the desired effect. There are many types of outdoor fixtures available, including floods, directional spots, deck and patio lights, path lights, in-ground lights, hanging lights, lamp posts, and more. Purchase the best quality your budget will allow, and take into consideration environmental factors such as proximity to salt water and harsh weather conditions. We recommend Wave Lighting for our customers who live in coastal climates.

Most outdoor lighting won't hold up when exposed to sea air and salt. Charlie Erkens from Global Sales explains why Wave Lighting is ideal for coastal climates.

The Right Materials for Your Lighting Plan

While low voltage lighting can be installed by do-it-yourselfers, 120-volt lighting may be better handled with the expertise of a licensed electrician to install the wiring and electrical components. Whether you plan to install your outdoor lighting yourself, or hire the services of an electrical contractor or lighting consultant, you can find everything you need for your outdoor lighting project at Global Sales. In addition to a full range of electrical supplies for both residential and commercial applications, we represent several manufacturers of outdoor lighting fixtures including KichlerProgress and Wave Lighting.
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